:xy Band | Rider

Technischer Rider für LORENZ RAAB xy band


Trompete  – Neumann oder Akg Mikro


Zither – Gitarrenverstärker (VOX),Tisch (100x120cm) und Sessel, hat eigenes kleines Mischpult dabei


Kontrabässe – Matthias Pichler – 2 x 10 Bass Box

Oliver Steger –  Gallien Krueger 112MB 1×12


Drums Herbert Pirker


20“/16“ Bassdrum

14“/5“ Snaredrum (if possible Brass-shell)

12“or 13“ snaredrum

10“/8“ Tom

12“/8“ Tom

14“/14“ FloorTom


+ complete hardware with 6 cymbalstands


I don`t care what brand the Drums are, anykind of middle to highclass Drumset with the right sizes would do it.


If there is any problem contact me at: herbert.pirker @ gmx.at